Introduction: Multi-Purpose Workbench

This is a multi-purpose workbench that is used to work on any sorts of projects, store anything valuable, and even doing school work at. There are some key features to the workbench that have been installed to make working on a project fun. There is an installed cupholder on the side, a back wall to hang up tools on, and a table top opening door to store valuables or anything useful inside. On the back of the table, there is a small platform with trays to hold screws, bolts and nails. The purpose of this project is to help a worker stay organized while working on a project like a duck call for example.


  • Plywood, table wood (cedar, oak)
  • 18v Drill
  • Hammer
  • (Honey) Wood stain, brush
  • Hinges
  • Wood screws/Nails
  • Table/chop/band/jig saws

Step 1: Step 1: Designing the Table

I came to the conclusion of making a simple workbench since I love making all sorts of projects, but there was no where I could do them. I also wanted to make some specifications to the workbench that I thought would help a keep a project worker organized when working.

Step 2: Step 2: Gathering Materials

Two hundred dollars later, and I had gathered my materials that I needed to build this workbench. Many trips to Home Depot before and during building. I wanted to make sure I had bought the right size pieces of plywood and acquiring the right pieces from my dads log home plant.

Step 3: Step 3: Building/Staining Table

Many saws were used to cut the right size pieces for the legs, table top/bottom, and wall.

  • First built the support of the table by building the outer rim and attaching the legs on each corner, with supports on each side of the table.
  • Next applied the bottom of the table to form the inside of the table (hardest part).
  • Built the top by sawing the middle to attach the hinges to the opening door top.
  • Attached the accessories like the wall piece to hang tools, the material platform, and cupholder.
  • Lastly, I stained the entire table

Step 4: Step 4: Hero Image

Finished product

Step 5: