Introduction: Multi Storage Wall Box for Biking Stuff

I needed to gather all my bike stuff in the same place. This wall box can make it, and you can easily store anything for bike, skate, roller ...

Step 1: What Do You Need

- saw
- electric drill
- brush
- paint (optional)

The box:
- a 6 vine bottle box (12 if you need more space)
- 3x4 strut
- some screws
- Smala box from Ikea

Step 2: Saw It

Helmet piece length is one and a half the with of the box
Shoes pieces length is as wide as the box with 4 cm margin

Step 3: Assembly

Drill before screwing, first assemble the upper beam with lowers beams. It's a Lorraine cross design.
Mount the cross under the box.

Step 4: Paint It (optional)

I chose a flashy orange because I can

Step 5: Fill It

I mount it on the wall between my two bikes, under my vests. I fill it with:
- a pair of shoes cover
- a pair of shoes
- my helmet
- a light set
- my phone cover
- mid-gloves
- glasses
- ...

Step 6: Want More ?

I simply put a Smala box from IKEA for the no-seasonal stuff:
- neck warmer
- winter gloves
- under gloves
- hat
- ...

You can build a small shelve to store your spares and repair tools on top of the box.

Step 7: Need More Space

You can make the same with a 12 bottles box for more space.