Introduction: Multi Tool Cube (dice) Workbench

Cube workbench for wood working i've build. On one side is cross cut jig for easy cutting long wood boards or ply (max height is 6 cm, max width is 85 cm and length is infinite), on second side are 2 aluminium plates for attaching circular saw to become table saw, on third side is drum thickness sander. Workbench has 4 wheels with brakes to prevent moving, it is a base for cross cutting jig. Other two sides are bases for other two tools(table saw and drum sander). Workbench can be easily flipped to bases just like a dice in order to use a tools. Dimensions of workbench are 1mx1mx1m and it's pretty lightweight.

Step 1: Table Saw

Table saw it's made from 2 aluminum pieces. Dimensions are 86x16cm. They are divided by 2,4cm so i could use my sled jig miter gauge jig. I left space for router on the left side to attach it in future.

Step 2: Cross Cut Jig

Cross cut jig is made from 2 pieces of L profile 2x2cm and 3mm thick, and it acts as a slide for circular saw. They are attached with screw on each side of L profile. Max width of wood that is cutted 85 cm and max height is 6cm.

Step 3: Drum Sander

Drum sander made on the lathe from wood of 14 cm in diameter. It is powered bu 1,2 kw three phase motor. Drum is mounted on 2 ball bearings with 10mm screw that goes in the wood on the one side and has a thread for nuts on the other. Drum sander has a lifting mechanism made from 10mm threaded rod cut to length of 20 cm,

Step 4: Wheels

Cube workbench is moving on the four 360 degree 7,5 cm wheels with brakes so it could be moved and stay fixed in desired place in workshop or backyard.