Introduction: Multi-Tool Popsicle (ha Ha)

This idea just randomly popped into my head today...don't ask how :) Most of it will be carved out and won't be as stupendously fancy as a Swiss Army knife of course...

Step 1: Materials

-a popsicle (or two) -a couple of craft knives (I stick with my little penknife) -a pen with removable inner workings -duct tape/hot glue/white glue/whatever that would hold something together tightly -anything else that you would like to add to the jumble... -pencil is optional for designing the layout

Step 2: Layout

Design where you want everything to be on your stick with a pencil. Also, take out the pen's ink.

Step 3: Carving

Start cutting, sawing, and carving! After that, glue on the ink cartridge thing.

Step 4: Yaaaaaaayy!

You're done! Are you satisfied?
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