Introduction: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

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my preschool class needs a puppet theater

Step 1: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

cardboard box Box size Lx66in Wx30in Dx5in this one come from a truck bed cover.

so I got a box now what ?

Whenever I get a box I try to imagine what it could be .this box will make a awesome theater and much more

draw the window but before cutting think about how you can use the window scrap

I measured my window to fit the shortest and tallest child in my classroom

Step 2: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

if we fold the window scrap it can make a nice shelf

Step 3: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

How about a window topper

fold cardboard above window in half cut in 4 inches on each side

scallop bottom edge i did mine double the with of duct tape because I had enough blue and white to make stripes

note. I didn't start glueing yet event thought I knew were i want to glue just in case i need to change something

Step 4: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

we are almost 1/2 way done!

we need support or are window/theater will fall over

measure and fold the other half of box to make box

i wanted mine to fold in for easy storage so i made it shorter than the window

time to glue and add any decorations so far besides the duck tape I only added contact paper on window shelf and counter shop

Step 5: Multi Use Dramatic Play Prop

open for business

we are on a pet unit so we made some signs to make a vet office

we used clipboards to sign in and stuffed animals for pets the children love it next it will be a fruit and veggie stand and don't forget we can always use it for a puppet theater

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