Introduction: Multi Use Stand

I wanted a stand for my head phones for a long time but I didn't want it to take up a lot of space and have to spend money on making or buying one. This was what I thought of, it uses very little space and it is very hand as it has multiple uses. You can take the top piece off to use it as a stand for your devices. This design has a speaker built inside of it, so if you want to watch a movie on a kindle you can use the stand and plug the speaker in. There is also a little apartment in the bottom were you can hold your items.

Step 1: Building the Neck of the Headphone Stand

The first thing I did was cut out 2 pieces of card board for the sides of the stand. Then I proceeded to cut out the other 2 pieces for the sides. I then glued them to make a box shape. If you don't want to do all of this work. You can draw out your cut patter and cut the first layer of the cardboard and then you can bend the cut piece up to 90 degrees. This can be seen in step 2. If you want you can glue the holes of the card board up so it looks better if you were to paint the stand like I did. I also cut out a piece of cardboard for the top of the headphone stand.

Step 2: Building the Phone Stand

This step was quite simple. I laid out my design for the holder flat on a piece of cardboard. The cardboard has two layers, top and bottom. I cut only one of the layers so I could bend it at a angle and not have to cut the whole thing out and then reattach it. I then glue the cut layer so it stays at the angle that I desired. Next, is the back piece that will add support to the stand and will make it so you can slide it into the neck of the head phones stand. I suggest that you make this piece out of plastic because after a few uses the top corner starts to bend and wears out after you slide it in and out of the headphone stand. I then found the center the back of the phone stand and drew a straight line in the middle and then hot glued the little support piece to the back of the stand.

Step 3: Making the Slit on the Headphone Stand

This step is the most complicated one. You got to place the top of the phone stand to the top of the head phone stand and mark out were your going to need to cut. Then proceed to find the center of it and cut a vertical line in the center of the square. You are going to do this on both sides of the headphone stand. You should now be able to slide the phone stand in the headphone stand. You may have to make the slit a little bigger to make it easier to slide the phone stand in and out.

Step 4: (optional) Adding a Speaker

This was a last minute thing that I wanted to do. I cut out a slot in the card board big enough for the speaker to slide in. I had to also cut a little slot in the other slide to allow the speaker to sit in the middle of the head phone holder. I then moved the wires though the neck of the headphone holder until in came out the bottom. I then had to cut out two pieces of card board to cover up the slits that I made.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Build

Now cut out a 2 pieces of card board. Then in one of them cut a rectangle shape close to the edge but not to close. Then cut out two pieces of card board for the sides and then hot glue them to the piece that has the square cut out in it. Then hot glue the piece that doesn't have the cut out in it to the sides to make a box shape to doesn't have a back or front piece. Then add the neck of the head phone stand to the base. You are going to want to tip the neck back a little so devices that will be on the stand don't fall off.Then glue the neck to the base and that's all there is to it.

Step 6: Painting the Stands

I spray painted the head phone stand and the phone stand black to match all the other things that are in my room and to make it look nicer. It also will make it look like you spent a lot of money on it at a store. It will also cover up the lines that had to be drawn.

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