Introduction: Multi-axis Phone Stand (completed Version)

Some of you may have seen my prototype of this multi axis phone stand which will show you how to make this but out of polystyrene pizza trays which after my phone being it it for a night, one ring had snapped an the other 2 had become deformed so I made this new one out of a piece of old floor board I had after I replaced our conservatory floor with tiles. I was originally going to get my technology an design teacher to cut it out in the laser cutter but it wasn't working as it should. This new design is much stronger and I found it can hold more than just my iPhone 4S which is not the lightest of phones.

I'm still trying to find out how I could make it so I can charge it while sitting the the stand and moving around. If you have any ideas for how I could wore that please leave them in the comments :D

Step 1: The Design

This time round I made a much stronger stand which is attached to the base using L-brackets

Here is the link for how I originally made it but how it has upgrades:

Step 2: Have Fun Playing With It

(A few action shots showing different angles)

If you have made it right it should all move correctly and as king as you have the holes a little tight with your rod through it will stay in a fixed position which you put it in. But if you just want to have fun spinning your phone have the rods a little bit loose in the holes. Now go and have fun!

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