Multi-factor Authenticated Smart Lock (relay) Using Intel Edison and Biomio Authenticator

Introduction: Multi-factor Authenticated Smart Lock (relay) Using Intel Edison and Biomio Authenticator

This integration shows a reference smart door lock implementation on Edison using Biomio authenticator.

Here's the basic flow:

  1. Edison-powered controller detects LE Bluetooth presence from nearby phone
  2. An authentication challenge is sent via Biomio authenticator app
  3. A relay is triggered if the authentication is successful

Step 1: Get the Components Ready - BOM

Step 2: Register Biomio Authenticator Account If You Don't Already Have It and Download the Authenticator App

Biomio provides an easy-to-use authenticator with good integration options..

Register an account at

Download iphone app here:

Step 3: Configure Edison

  1. Power up Intel Edison Module.
  2. Connect Intel Edison Module with Wifi
  3. Install Biomio node.js libraries
    • get the right private key from Biomio for your account
    • edit app.js with the right email address (line 42)

Step 4: Simulate Phone Presence Detection

Install LightBlue or another application that simulates LE Bluetooth signal.

Enable a virtual peripheral called "Find Me"

Bring the phone close to the board

Step 5: Authenticate Using Biomio Authenticator

Once the presence is detected via LE Bluetooth, Biomio Authenticator API is triggered, prompting you to open the authenticator app.

(Depending how you set it up, you can authenticate with TouchID or through face recognition)

Step 6: The Relay Should Open Upon Successful Authentication

Step 7: Connect Electric Door Lock or Another Relay-controlled Device

Garage door opener is another good use case for this integration.

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