Introduction: Multi-fold Handmade Photo Album

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Since Valentine's Day is arriving I was updating my online craft store Specs N Scissors with some new valentine special products.

I created this multi-fold photo album, which looks compact but opens up to contain 12 photos.

Album Details -

Album Size - 5.5 X 4.5 inches

Total Photos - 12

Photo Size - 4 X 4 inches

Others - Magnetic Closure and a Message Envelope

When I started making this album I had a template in mind. But while crafting there were so many amendments to the original idea that eventually the end product was different. Nevertheless, I like the manner in which the entire craft turned out. So I thought of sharing the process I followed to make this album.

Let's begin.

Step 1: Materials Required

Card Stock Sheet (A2 size, Purple)

Designer Pattern Paper (Your Choice)

Two Metal Magnets (small)



Bone fold (any similar marking tool)

Ruler / Scoring tool

Coloured Ink Pad and Sponge

Paper Corner Punch (Round shape)

Any scrapbook decorations (Your Choice)

Step 2: Cut Out the Album Base

First cut out the Purple cardstock length = 24 inches and width = 4.5 inches to form the album base.

Then properly score/mark the above cut purple card stock at the following measurements along the longer side;

1 inch, 5.5 inches, 0.5 inches, 5.5 inches, 0.5 inches, 5.5 inches

(I used the Martha Stewart scorer for this purpose. You can use a ruler and a blunt refill for the same)

Again score the first 1 inch mark into half. This is the closure for the album.

Bend the cardstock at these markings and use the bone folder to press properly.

Cut out the last 5.5 inches section separate.

Step 3: Cut Out the Flaps and Photo Holders

After the base is cut and marked, again take the purple cardstock to cut out the flaps of the album.

Cut 4 pieces of flaps of length = 5.5 inches and width = 6 inches.

Now score/mark the flap pieces each along the 6 inches side at the following measurements;

1 inch, 0.5 inch, 4.5 inches

The 1 inch area will form the photo holders. (Explained Later)

Bend the cardstock at these markings and use the bone folder to press properly.

Once the flaps are cut out and scored you will need to cut 8 strips of purple cardstock for photo holders. The measurement for the same will be length = 5.25 inches and width = 1.25 inches.

Step 4: Decorating the Pieces

Use your corner punch to shape the corners of all the cut outs.

Then cut your desired pattern paper with measurements length = 5.25 inches and width = 4.25 inches to stick onto the album base and flaps.

Ink the edges of the pattern paper and stick them onto the album base and flaps.

Step 5: Time to Assemble

Apply glue on the photo holder inside edge on the long side and both the short sides. Apply approximately onto 0.25 inches width. Then stick the glued edge of flap onto one side of the album base strongly. Once it has dried you can see that 1 inch section of the flap attached to the album base has formed the photo holder where you can insert your photos.

You need to add the flaps on alternate sides(See Image). For example if you have added the first flap on right side of the first 5.5 inches section of album base then glue the second flap on left side of the second 5.5 inches section of album base. So 3 flaps will get attached alternatively.

Make sure you do not glue onto the 0.5 inch sections of album base.

Remember in the very first step - Cut out the album base we had separated the last 5.5 inches section from the album base. Now to this piece attach the flap just like you did before. But this piece needs to be glued onto the backside central piece of the album.

Now glue the 8 strips of photo holders in similar fashion onto the remaining photo mats of the album.

Step 6: Optional Work on the Backside and Magnetic Closure

If you wish to, you can craft out a simple envelope and attach it to the backside of the back flap of album.

Once this is done score the 0.5 inches gap on the flaps at its half line and fold the flap there. This gives a little extra space for proper folding.

The 0.5 inch extra width has been added to the base sections so that when photos are added to the album and the top and bottom sections are closed onto the centre section there is no tightening of the album. Every piece fits properly onto each other.

Now fold the bottom section of album base onto the centre and then bring the upper section on top it. The album closes. Mark on the 1 inch closure flap where you want to position the magnets and glue them properly.

You can decorate the front cover of the album as you wish to, from simple to elaborate. :)

Step 7: And Finally We Are Done

Finally when all cutting, scoring, sticking is done your album is ready to be used.

Please click on the video to check how the album exactly opens, closes and other parts described in the process.

Enjoy and Keep crafting safely !