Introduction: Multi-function Tool on Stainless Steel Card

Multi-function Card Tool with Stainless Steel is portable card-size tool with sizable holes and marks.

It can be used as bottle-opener, hexagon spanner, screwdriver and ruler. I used it as pendant of the key of My bike, in-scripted with my ID."Cindy".

And this is practical tools can be carried to adventures like space explore.

Step 1: Tools and Material to Be Prepared


  • Stainless Steel Sheet x1


  • Plier x1
  • Vise x1
  • files x3
  • scissors x1
  • sandpaper x1
  • Brushed Cotton x1


  • Hydraulic Puching Machine 100 tons
  • Laser Marking Machine

Step 2: Knowledge and Safety

Scientific knowledge

To cut the steel with holes, shear force plays important roles.

When shear force is applied to the steel plate, there are two types of deformation, Elastic deformation or Shape Deformation. Shape deformation will make the formation and cut unwanted fragments.

Like make the mold on Plasticine or Biscuit Mold.


Before the operating the punching machine, the fixing plate, fixing nuts shall be checked to ensure tight and sound.

All the movable parts shall be under the protection shields.

The emergency stop shall be in active.

Hands or any parts of body are forbidden entering into dangerous zone.

Tools shall be used to position the steel plate, position the steel sheet with hands is not permitted.

Stop operation on any abnormal sound or unexpected condition.

Press the two interlock Punch-On with two hands at the same time.

Step 3: Punch the Outer Parts

Punch the outer frame from long steel sheet to get the steel card.

  • Feed the steel sheet with hands from outside of the punching machine.
  • Position the sheet in right position.
  • Press the Punch-On interlock button and wait for the "Bang" Noise during punching.
  • Wait for the upper part return, then remove the punched parts out with picker.

Step 4: Punching the Inner Holes

Punching the inner holes

Step 5: Laser Cutting the Unique Mark

  • Design the mark on computer.
  • Position the card in laser marking machine
  • Press start. Be aware, eyes shall not on the over-bright laser interface to avoid eye-burn or eye-hurt.
  • Stop the Laser Marking Machine and remove the steel card

Step 6: Edge Form Polishing

Form one edge into screwdriver with files on vise.


  • Tight the card on vise and polish the edge with files
  • Polish the edge with sandpapers
  • Polish totally with polish cotton

Step 7: Finishing-Chain the Pendant on Key

Chain the pendant on key

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