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Introduction: Multi-function Workbench

About: Broken devices always have several useful parts,recovering them , we reduce trash ,then we are taking care of the planet

I have the need of making a working surface for my afficcionated jobs of carpentry,electronics,iron,and even a table for the potting works of mi wife.

Having small corner of 1m x 0,60 m for keeping the workbench in the backyard ,I design this foldable workbench

Taking as the base the chassis of a washing machine(jig saw and hand saw table),I made this foldable multiporpose workbench:
Welding table,also extension of the hand saw talble
Hand saw and jig saw table
The worktable
Sliding electronic table and drawer

Step 1: The Grill

The welding surface was made with:
10 2cm x 1cm x 50 cm rectangular tubes
2 2cm x 45cm angle iron
1 2cm x 50cm angle iron

The tubes were welded separeted 2 cm in betwen

The hinges I made them from the support of the shock absorber of the washing machine,splitted in two both of them,the axis is a 1/4 6cm long bolt bended on the middle

The grill is supported for two steelbars that also came out frm the shock absorbers

Step 2: The Bench

The bench is made from 4 boards of 1" thick 15cm wide and 110cm long,these were a surplus from a mezzanine floor made at home time ago

Fixed by a 1 1/2 iron angle riveted to the washing machine,and two bolts with winged nuts,and the other side supported by 2"x1" wooden legs,holded by a little chain

Step 3: Sliding Electronic Working Surface and Drawer

Made a window with the angle grinder,attach the sliding guides,the drawer is short,cause the the hand saw don't let me go any longer,so I made the cover splitted and jointed by two hinges that let me fold it before closing the drawer-working surface,

The door give the possibility of storage ,screwing some hooks let us hang hand saw blades square metric tape ,drills and jig saw blades on the boxes,etc

Step 4: Folded Workbench

The 2,15 mts long x 60cms wide of working surface is reduced to 50cm x 60cm area for an easy storage

Made a little groove on the angle iron ,once folded the table we can insert the chain's hook on this groove to keep the table hanging on it

Hope you like the idea and is helpfull for somebody. Thanks

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