Introduction: Multi Port USB Charger

Tired of figuring out how many USB chargers you can cram into one outlet.

Step 1: Warnings

After you make these modifications NEVER connect this USB hub to a computer.

As usual create at your own risk!

Step 2: Compatibility

The following devices have been tested and charge:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DSi
Kindle Fire HD 7
Apple iPhone
Apple iPod
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
OnePlus One

Note: All of these device will charge but not all will charge at max current.

Step 3: Tools Needed

Soldering iron
Small screwdriver

Step 4: The USB Hub

The USB hub to modify. Save the wimpy power supply for another project.

Step 5: Opening the 10 Port USB Hub.

Flip USB hub over. Remove back cover by gently prying along the seam.

Step 6: Free the Circuit Board!

Gently pry out the circuit board. In my USB hub the power end had more room to get out compared to the other end.

Step 7: Circuit Board Out

Here is the circuit board once it is out of the case.

Step 8: Time to Solder

You may not be able to see from these 2 pictures but I had to fix many cold solder joints on this board. I was amazed at how many there were. All good solder joints must have a wet look to them. You can look up a soldering Instructable if you do not know how to solder.

Step 9: More Solder to Short Pins

Locate the USB pins on the bottom of (opposite side of USB ports) the circuit board. Get out your trusty soldering iron and some solder. You want to short the two middle pins together.

Step 10: New Power Supply

Purchase a 5 volt power supply with a compatible connector. I found a 5v 8 amp power supply.