Introduction: Multi-tool Tips

4 Quick tips for enjoying your Leatherman or similar pocket tool.

Step 1: Tiny Magnets

Add some neodymium magnets to your next internet order. Simply stick one or two on your tool. I've had mine on there for over two years with no ill effects. Once you start carrying a tiny magnet you'll find all sorts of uses.

Just be careful not to let it get in a crevice where it can get pinched, crushed or interfere with normal operations.

Step 2: Alternative Belt Loop

It took me a long time to figure out that the default nylon case that comes with the WAVE can be strapped onto your belt in a horizontal position. I find it much more comfortable. Give it a try.

Step 3: Avoid Slip-off

There are times when you need to keep your Leatherman on without having your belt buckled. Some of those times you also need to use both hands on something other than holding your multi-tool. Often times this happens when you are close proximity to a small body of water. A percentage of that time the small body of water is contaminated, and you would really not want to drop your Leatherman in that water.

So use this tip to keep everything in place. Just loop the belt back around your first belt loop then jam it into the belt strap as pictured. If your belt isn't thick or stiff enough for a friction fit maybe try a loose knot or just tucking it around itself. This has proven very handy.

Step 4: Hook and Loop Refresher

For some reason my "hook and loop" (a.k.a. Velcro) closure on my carrying case stopped functioning. I looked all over the web to figure out how to revive it. When I finally confessed to my wife that I had a problem I could not solve she immediately sewed a new strip of "loop" material onto the closure directly on top of the old stuff. Problem solved. You can get the loop material in strips at a fabric or craft store.