Introduction: Multi-use Fishing Pole Idea.

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Just a thought. having gone camping many times as a kid, wished I had one of these to save on all the equipment we had to carry.  Fishing pole(s) that also could be used as part of a tent to reduce equipment It's a walking stick, fishing pole. spear, hoe, and tent poles all in one. Tent stake and connectors not shown. Caps have screws that face inward when not in use for holding the tent rope. Tent is sized for two people. Each person would carry a tent pole set so both people can fish when tent is not in use. One person can fish when the tent is erected. Inner section is offset by an inch or so so that the tools can be used when the pole is not extended. Extra tools can be stored in the backpack.

What's needed:
3/4 inch elbow.
3/4 inch extender.
1 inch cap.
3/4 inch cap
3/4 inch 1 foot long for tent stakes.
3/4 inch 5 foot for extension.
1 inch 5 foot for outer tube.
String - 10 or more feet.
Fishing hook.
Attaching screws, washers and nuts.

Screw driver.
Heavy duty knife or saw for cutting the stakes.

Note: Tent is 14 (i.e 7 +7) x 6 feet or under 90 square feet. You will want to use a light and sturdy material. You will also probably need at least a total of 6 or more tent stakes. (6 feet of pipe. in 6 1 foot sections). Still need to add the screws and bolts for the add-ons.

How to make a home made fishing hook:
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