MultiBoard Setup/install

Introduction: MultiBoard Setup/install

MultiBoard is a programma that can be used to connected multiple keyboards to a Windows computer. And then reprogram the input of these keyboards. For example open a application or run AutoHotkeyscript when a certain key is pressed.


To get this working you need a Arduino and a usb hostshield to intercept the keystrokes.


Hardware components (total $10):

Step 1: Assemble Hardware

  1. Put the Arduino host shield onto the Arduino UNO
  2. Align the pins (images for reference)
  3. Push the shield down.
  4. Connect the USB cable.

Step 2: Install Arduino IDE

Download and install from:

Step 3: Usb Host Library

  1. Download library from:
  2. Cop this folder: "USBHIDBootKbd\USB_Host_Shield_20" to "Documents\Arduino\libraries"

Step 4: Arduino Code

  1. Open the code in the Arduino IDE: "\USBHIDBootKbd\USBHIDBootKbd.ino"
  2. Get a UUID from and copy it.
  3. Paste it in dynamicID variable (see image for reference).
  4. Flash the code onto the Arduino.
  5. Connect your second keyboard with the usb host shield.

Step 5: Install MultiBoard

Get the latest stable version from:

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    Question 27 days ago on Step 5

    After uploading to sketch to the Arduino and opening the serial monitor I get a message reading ERROR:0001 - This appears to be if the OSC does not start. I have tried on two different computers and with two separate boards. Any suggestions?