Introduction: Multicolored Soap Dispenser

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Wash your hands in style with this fun, and colorfully renovated soap dispenser!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

To make over this soap dispenser, you will need...

  • a plastic soap dispenser

  • tissue paper

  • Dishwasher Mod Podge

  • sponge brush

  • scissors

Step 2: Prep Soap Dispenser

First, prep the soap dispenser by washing and drying it.

Step 3: Prep Tissue Paper

Then, cut up several pieces of tissue paper in different colors and set them aside. You can also use pre cut tissue paper, like I did here, to save some time.

Step 4: Glue on Tissue Paper

Now, brush on a layer of Dishwasher Mod Podge and start overlapping the tissue paper pieces, one section at a time. Make sure to brush more Mod Podge on top to seal before moving on to your next layers.

Once it's done, let dry before filling with soap!

Step 5: Just Add Soap

This is a really great money saving project, and also makes for a great dollar store craft idea!

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