Introduction: Multifunctional Egg Cup

In this 'Instructable' I will show you the method of how to make your very own multifunctional egg cup. Are you tired of having to hold your chocolate Easter egg when trying to brake into it? If yes, then fear no more as you can now make an egg cup that can hold your boiled egg for breakfast and your chocolate egg for snacking.

These screen grabs represent the method of how I made my design,

To produced the CAD for my final design I used Fusion 360 from Autodesk as my chosen CAD package. This was because it is free for students to download and use. Helpful tutorial can be found at

I don't have my own 3D printer so I out sourced my design to Shapeways where they have a large range of materials, colours and finishes. They can be found at

The design I show is the one I sell on the Shapeways site, so I wont be showing you how to make that specific model, but I will show you the step by step method of how to achieve a multifunctional egg cup.

When following the step by step guide please remember that it has to in the end have an egg inside so please design for it to do so.

Step 1: To Start With Create a Form.

When in create mode select create cylinder.

Step 2: Then Select a Plane

You want to select the bottom plane and build from the ground up as it will open in the software for the 3D Printer in the same plane.

Step 3: Make the Diameter of the Cylinder 5mm

You have to Imagine that whatever thickness you choose the model to be, it will also correspond with the the thickness of the material when printed so it has to have enough strength to stand up right and survive the weight of an egg and spoon.

Step 4: Modify the Height of the Cylinder to Be 65mm

You can choose what ever hight you want, but remember the bigger the model the bigger the cost when printing.

Step 5: Increase the Faces of the Cylinder From 4 to 6

This will give you more editable faces on the cylinder.

Step 6: Move the Model Away From the Centre, I Decided 10mm

This is helpful for a future step,

Step 7: Start to Create the Form by Offsetting Individual Faces

By doing this you start to create a free flowing shape.

Step 8: Play Around With Increasing Different Faces Sizes

Step 9: Keep the Form in Mind

The component your making will be duplicated and rotated to join together, this means the parts cant be too far apart from each other or they wont join.

Step 10: By Selecting the Bottom and Top You Can Use the Fill Hole Function

This is important, if you don't do this it wont print at all.

Step 11: To Make the Edges Smoother

During the fill, select fill star to make the edges smooth.

Step 12: Select Symmetry

By selecting the whole body and selecting circular symmetry you will be able to duplicate the pipe in a rotation

Step 13: Selected the Z Axis for the Duplications to Go Around

Remember to select the amount of bodies you want.

Step 14: You Now Should Have an Egg Cup

To create a multifunctional egg cup you need to design the top of the cup to house the rough diameter of an egg and the bottom to house the rough diameter of an Easter egg.

Step 15: Experiment

Play around with the circular symmetry, try offsetting two of them together to interconnect pipes together to create new patterns.

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