Introduction: Multimaker Prototype #1

Feb 2020 UPDATE: This instructable was taken down since the first project didn't go well...This was my first major project, and i published the instructable even before i finished it lol!! i basically started the car in 5th gear. In my defence i was 15 back then in 2017. After a few months of learning from my mistakes, i designed and built a normal corexy 3D printer which did work well. Around the same time, E3D announced the toolchager concept. which is basically multimaker automated. I didn't ditch the idea and built a toolchanger with 3d printed parts (IG / Twitter link ) before E3d released the files. Now, i gotta update it and make it compatible with the E3D standard. I've left out the introduction part for archival purposes:

In this instructable i will guide you through the process of building Multimaker , which is a large 3d printer + PCB maker + light duty CNC router + Laser engraver + MORE....( cnc platform with modular toolhead )

A 3D printer is a great tool for people ranging from consumers who use it for printing things for printing things for everyday home needs, to makers who use it to materialise their project ,to corporations who use it for prototyping and sometimes even for mass production . one printer may not suit every consumer, a maker class printer may not suit a professional or a home user . The printer i'm talking about ( Multimaker )

If you have not heard about 3d printing or you don't have considerable knowledge about 3d printing or even if you are curios i highly recommend you to enroll in the 3d printing class on instructables before progressing Because:

No printer suits everyone that's why I made this instructable so that you get instructions for customizing Multimaker to your liking. so that it virtually suits all makers

now with that aside, lets talk about Mulitimaker , i named it so because:

  • - it can do high quality FDM 3D prints
  • - it can print at high speed
  • - it can make PCB
  • - its a light duty CNC router
  • - its a CNC plotter
  • - it can do laser engraving if you add a laser

in short Multimaker is a multi purpose CNC platform it can be expanded to do SLA 3D printing and much more , it can be done in a way similar to which Maker arm does it


That's the main point of Multimaker , there is 2 reason why i made Multimaker rather than separate machines

1 : cost - buying separate machines cost thousands of dollars

  • For example : a good budget fdm printer like the Prisa i3 mk2 cost 699$ - 800$ .A cnc machine like the Othermill cost about 3000$
  • Even of you decide to make separate diy machines it would cost about twice the cost of Multimaker
  • Even all in one machines like the boxzy cost thousands of dollars
  • Multimaker cost below 500$

2 : space - if you have a small garage then Multimaker is perfect for you it takes up half the space of separate machines

this can be done because almost all of the above is basically 3 axis (x,y,z) controlled by a microcontroller .The trick is to build a motion system with a modular tool head and tune software to do it all

Multimaker specs:

  • ~300x300mm build volume
  • 500x500 mm size
  • 5 micron xy resolution
  • print speed- 10- 100+mm/s (limited by 8 bit Arduino)
  • bed leveling - contact bed leveling swappable tool head

Step 1: Software, Design in CAD

Step 2: Frame and Motion

    Step 3: Electronics

    Step 4: 3D Printing

    Step 5: Wiring

    Step 6: Firmware

    Step 7: Let's Print

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