Introduction: Multimeter IPod Case Mod

This is a cool, and clever way to protect your digital multimeter, on the cheap. This zippered, softcell foam case was originally designed for the iPod, and my wife bought it at Big Lots (the set comes with two of these cases). I only needed one case for my iPod, so I used that, and I had this one left over. It comes with a foam insert to grasp the iPod adapter and the iTrip. I didn't need that, so I took the foam liner out; it is just friction fit in there (wedged in).

Step 1: Remove the Foam Liner and Stuff Your Multimeter in There

So I was looking at my multimeter, and I thought, huh, I wonder if I took the foam adapter piece out, would the multimter fit in there? It fits exactly, and even has a mesh cage on the left side for the test leads. Plus, there is a smaller separate section in the mesh part that holds the rubber alligator clips, and you can tuck the user manual in there (if you still have the user manual).

The whole thing easily zips up and shut. Oh, and you can easily use the meter from inside the case - you don't need to remove it to plug the test leads in. Cool!

And this thing is padded, so you can drop it from a foot or probably more, without breaking the meter.