Introduction: Multiple Colors in Cmd

Microsoft doesnt have a built in way to have multiple colors in a batch file at the same time this code was modified from Instrucable member Prof.+Pickle the original Instrucable can be found here

Original Code

Step 1: The Code

Here is the code
@echo off
if "%~1"=="/?" (
echo ncol ["Text"] [Colour]
echo "Text" - The text you want displayed in another colour.
echo Remember that spaces cannot be added if you don't put the text in
echo quotation marks (""^).
echo Colour - The hexadecimal colour code that you want the text to be changed into.
echo For more information of colour codes, see "color /?"
exit /b
for /f "delims=#" %%i in ('"prompt #$H# &for %%b in (1) do rem"') do set "bs=%%i"
>"%~1.@" set /p "=.%bs%%bs%%bs%%bs%"findstr /p /a:%2 . "*.@"
del "*.@"
@echo on
@exit /b

Step 2: How to Use It

To use ncol.bat call it from at batch file or Cmd using this line

ncol "Text you want colored don't forget the quotes" 04

I chose 04 which is red text and a black background the color codes can be accessed by typing

color /? into cmd

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