Multiple Uses for an Old Extenstion Cord(audio Cord)




Introduction: Multiple Uses for an Old Extenstion Cord(audio Cord)

Well, if you get bored of your old iPod Nano's waterproof case, then just cut out that little cord and see what you can use it for. Like I did!

Maybe it could be in my new book...

"I am DIY, and so can you!"

Step 1: Extract the Cord From the Case.

Go ahead and get a box cutter or maybe let's just get the Exacto Knife.

WARNING: Please aim for the plastic on the pouch and not at any other person. The cuter can be fatal to anything the blade happens to touch. Please do not aim at any part of the body with any intent to use on one's self. I am not responsible for the lose of any appendage caused by use of this sharp tool.

No gut around the small white nub that protrudes from the case.

Then cut the nub off the cord(just pull it off).

Now, cur the hole bigger and pull the straight pug through the bag and out the zipper.

The real problem with the case is that use of it causes any formed plastic edge to tear. This is what happened right next to the zippers on mine. The plastic tore and sort of ruined the water proof factor.

I don't have pictures because mine was falling apart, so just look at the end result.

Step 2: Choose What You Want to Use It For.

Well, now you have it. That was about all that needed to be done. You can save the lanyard from the case and make your own case if you can sew. I guess lets just label some uses.

1.) Short headphone extension.

2.) Get a audio device about half a foot farther from the computer of other audio device.

3.) Stylish geek bracelet, you could add a tag or luck charms to it.

4.) Car it as a bracelet to hold onto a little audio splitter.

5.) Use it to hang something. It is actually quite strong with its plug. They are hard to separate sometimes.

15.) Heck, you can even sever the cord and use either end in another project.

What ever you do, it will obviously be cool, so drop a comment and tell me what your using your little audio cord for.

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    13 years ago on Step 2

    i have made better braclets than that one think of something that won't wast my time!!!


    13 years ago on Step 2

    ummm......what are you intructing poeple? This is more or less just a few suggestions. And the cutter being fatal to anything it happens to touch? No...not likely ;)