Introduction: Multiples of Nine

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Learn your nine times facts up to ten!

Step 1: Using Your Tools

All you need are your hands,and five fingers on each hand or good substitutes

Step 2: Nine Times One 9x1

Put your first finger down. count how many are too the left (this number should be zero (0)).now count the fingers to the right of your first finger(this number should be nine(9)).put them together and you have 0 9 nine times one is 9. Wasn't that easy=).

Step 3: Nine Times Two 9x2

now put your second finger down. count to the left ,this number is one count to the left this number is eight. 1 8. 9x2=18. starting to see a pattern, I hope so

Step 4: 3x9

put down your third finger. count to the left (2). count to the right(7).2 7 9x3=27 I really hope you understand by now.

Step 5: 4x9

put down your fourth finger, count left 3, count right 6. 3,6 36 4x9=36

Step 6: 5X9

put down your fifth finger, count left 4, count right 5. 4,5 45 4x9=45

Step 7: 6X9

six times nine =54.

Step 8: 7X9

seven times nine = 63.

Step 9: 8X9

Eight times nine is 72.

Step 10: 9X9

nine times nine = 81.

Step 11: 10X 9

ten times nine = 90