Multiplying Loaves and Fishes

Introduction: Multiplying Loaves and Fishes

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In today's story, Jesus of Nazareth points out to his disciples that not everything requires a heavenly miracle - some things work better with a little human ingenuity! The disciples figure out how to multiply the loaves and fishes all by themselves. Now you can too!


-construction paper


-pencil or pen

Step 1: Fold Your Paper.

First, fold your construction paper back and forth like an accordion until you have four sections. I decided to use brown for my bread, but you can use whatever color you want.

Step 2: Draw Your Bread.

Draw a loaf of bread on one side of your folded paper. Make sure the drawing touches both ends of the paper!

Step 3: Cut Out the Bread.

Now cut out the shape, but don't cut the sides! It won't unfold if you cut the sides.

Step 4: Unfold Your Bread and Add Details.

Now you have one loaf of bread that turns into many! You can add details to your extra loaves.

Step 5: Repeat With the Fish.

Follow the same steps to make multiplying fish! I used blue for my fish, but your fish can be any color you like.

Step 6: Multiply Your Loaves and Fishes!

You can follow the same steps to make different multiplying shapes, too! And you can tape them together to make chains, if you like.

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