Introduction: Multiuse Paracord Hammock in a Nalgene

This is a hammock that can be used a food net (to keep bears away from food), fishing net, shelter, and of course a hammock.

Step 1: Matierals

To make the hammock you will need:
200 ft of 550 paracord (will not use all of it)
Scissors or Knive
Measuring Tape
 To make the survival kit you will need:
Pocket knife
Duct Tape
Fire steel

Step 2: Cutting the First Set of Paracord

Take the paracord and cut 2 pieces that are 70 in long. The cut 14 peices that are 118 in long. Then hang one 70 in piece from two trees, two poles, or something about head height. Make it mildly tight.

Step 3: Hanging the Strands

Pick up one 118 in strand find the middle. Then tie a half hitch, after that pull it tight. Tie all the other 14 strands on with a half hitch. Place all of then 5 in apart. Tighten them all again to make sure.

Step 4: Tieing the Knots

Cut a wood dowel or plain wood so it is 5 in. long. This will be used to measure the legnth of the squares. Take the two middle strands on the right side then tie an overhand knot that is roughly 5 in. from the top. Then take the dowel to measure 5 in. then adjust the knot. Do this all the way across the first row.
Tip: The two very end strands will start not to be tied you will tie them every other row.


Step 5: Starting and Finishing the Rows

Once you get to the end of the first row. You go right to left. You still have to measure the five inches and adjust the knots.Do this until the hammock looks like a net and you can tie no more knots.

Step 6: The Bottom Strand

Tie the other 70 in long cord and tie so that is near the last knots you made. Then watch the video on how to tie the next knot.

Step 7: Cutting the Ends

Simply cut the ends each loose string so it is so has 1 in. ends. Then at all four corners of the whole hammock tie a bowline. 

Step 8: Burning the Ends

Take your lighter and burn all the fraying ends. When doing this be careful not to burn your hammock to much.

Step 9: Cutting the Next Set of Paracord

Cut two pieces of paracord that are 5 ft long. Then tie bowlines on the ends of each strand.

Step 10: Making the Survival Kit

First you need to take the duct tape and wrap it around the nalgene 6 or 7 times. The duct tape can come off and be used again. then you need to put the hammock in the nalgene. To do this you fold it hot dog style then roll up really tightly. While doing this make sure you tie the four bowlines on the corners together. If you don't it will get tangled. Then place all the other survival supplies in there. Include the two 5 ft strands. Then clip the four carabiners to the nalegene.

Step 11: How to Do the Different Uses of the Hammock

Below are a few videos to help you out with your multi use paracord hammock.
Hammock: Watch the video.

Back pack: When you make the back pack you put the stuff in after you clip the two side carabiners and watch the video.

Shelter: Watch the video and you need to collect a lot of weeds and leaves to put on top.

Fish net: you need to make the holes smaller so just move the knots closer together and watch the video.

Bear bag:  Watch the video and if you have smaller items you need to put a blanket or towel down before you put your food down. Also     use a taller tree.

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