Introduction: Mummy Ballerina Costume

After much thought and research, for this Halloween I decided to be a Mummy! And not just your typical mummy, I wanted to do it in a way that was scary couture. None of that sexy mummy stuff for me. It had to be creatively creeptacular! ;)

Step 1: Materials

For this costume I used stretchy jersey knit, muslin, and beige and ivory tulle. I also purchased some gauze like fabric but didn't end up using it.

Step 2: Making the Dress

For the base of the dress, I wanted to be the same fit as this dress that I previously made so I used it as a pattern.

Step 3: Mummy Wraps

Here I am cutting small slits in the muslin so that I can rip it into strips. Ripping instead of cutting the strips to make bandages makes for a better effect to the aged mummy look.

Step 4: Aging the Wraps

Next is the dying process. I used about 4 bags of black tea and filled the bucket with water. Added the bandages making sure they were fully submerged. I let them sit, stirring occasionally, for about 3 hours.

Step 5: Making the Tutu

Now for the making of the tutu. There are lots of tutorials on how to do no-sew tutus but I wanted to actually sew a tutu for this costume. Life in the Blue House has a great tutorial on how to sew a tutu. Check her out for the details.

To create a tattered look to the tutu I cut up the edges at the bottom and smudged some black and brown makeup on it.

Step 6: Final Touches

And that's about it! To complete the look I used my white zombie contacts, used some left over bandages for my face, head, neck, and legs. Applied some white and black makeup to my face and neck and added some white to my hair. (Used this video for my makeup inspiration.) 

Step 7: Finished!

And here are a few pictures of the finished product! I wore this costume to Zombie Walk 5 and it was a big hit! I had a great time hanging with the undead! Hope you like it. 

Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun!

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