Mummy Cake Pops

Introduction: Mummy Cake Pops

These Halloween inspired cake pops are a fun and easy treat to make during the Spooky Season!


1 box of cake mix

+ ingredients for cake mix

1 can of frosting

2 packs of white almond bark

Cake pop sticks

Black candy melts

Yellow candy melts

Step 1: Bake

Make and bake cake according to box instructions and let cake cool down.

Step 2: Step 2 : Crumble and Mix

Crumble cooled cakes in into a bowl. Add a small amount of frosting then continue to add more until cake is able to hold shapes.

Step 3: Shape

Shape pops into small balls and place on a cookie sheet. Once pops are shaped, place into freezer for 15 minutes to harden to prepare for dipping.

Step 4: Melt

While pops are in the freezer, break apart the white almond bark and microwave in 30 second increments. Be sure to mix after each 30 seconds until bark is completely melted. Once melted, set aside a small amount of bark to dip the sticks into.

Step 5: Securing the Stick

To make sure the cake pop is secure onto the stick, dip the tip of the stick into the melted bark and press into the cake pop about half way. repeat this step to each cake ball and place back into freezer for about 5 minutes.

Step 6: Dipping

Transfer the rest of the melted bark into a tall glass to dip into. (I used a coffee cup so I was able to reheat the chocolate when it hardened.) Take one pop out of the freezer and dip completely into the chocolate and lift carefully out and let the access chocolate drip off. Once you have dipped it, place into a stand to let harden. Repeat to the rest of the cake pops.

Step 7: Decorating the Eyes

Prepare yellow chocolate melts and place in a plastic ziplock bag. Cut off the tip off of the corner so that a small amount of the chocolate can come out. Place two small dots to make the eyes of the mummy. When doing this step you should try to work quickly to prevent the chocolate melts from harding in the bag before you finish.

Step 8: Finishing the Eyes

After all of the yellow chocolate is placed, melt a small amount of the black chocolate melts. Then use a toothpick to place small black dots on top of the yellow.

Step 9: Drizzle

Finally, melt some more white almond bark in a large bowl. Place the pop over the bowl and use a fork to pick up chocolate and drape it over the pop. Be sure to cover all sides of the pop and then place back into the stand to dry.

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