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This is a cute little project that you can complete very quickly. These little Mummies look great on any table for Halloween.


- Smooth jar of any size.

- White gauze.

- Googly eyes of any size.

- Hot glue gun with glue sticks

- Scissors

- Black Felt

- Pencil

Step 1: The Building of the Mummy.

1. Choose a smooth jar of any size.

2. Plug in your hot glue gun to warm it up.

3. With your roll of gauze, place a line of glue on the bottom of the jar.

4. Place a small dot of glue on the edge of the jar. Place down more gauze.

5. Continue going along the jar placing dots of glue followed by the gauze.

6. Ensure you keep it fairly tight.

7. Once you are near the top of the jar, place hot glue all around the jar; securing the gauze.

8. Now that your Mummy is wrapped you can cut off you gauze and glue it along the side of the jar. Don’t worry about making it look pretty. It is a mummy so wrinkles and snags are all part of the look.

*If you choose one with lots of writing on the jar it affects the look of the mummy as the candle light shows all the lines in the glass. My two smaller mummies are smooth and the larger one has some writing but I tried to make sure it was at the back when I placed the eyes.

Step 2: Adding the Finishing Touches

1. Now it is time to add the eyes.

2. Try to find a place in your gauze where it overlaps.

3. Carefully putting some hot glue on the back of a googly eye and place in just under the gauze. This will make it look like the Mummy is wrapped up.

4. Beside your eye carefully make a hole in the gauze big enough for the other eye to be glued in place.

5. Trace an oval for the mouth on the felt using your pencil and cut it out.

6. Glue the mouth onto the jar using hot glue. Depending on the size of your jar your
Mummy might not have a mouth like our small one.

Step 3: The Mummies Come Together.

These Mummies look Boo-tiful once they are done but when it gets dark, place a tea light in them and light them up.

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