Munchkin (Wizard of OZ)

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I started this costume by making a skirt with a gathered waistband. The skirt is very full. I bought trim and ribbon and sewed it along the bottom of the skirt.
    The top is made from a fitted bodice and very puffy sleeves. There are fitted sleeves attached at the bottom of the puff. I stuffed the puff with tulle to keep it full.
    THe white fabric and yellow ribbon were attached to the front after the top was assembled. They are hand sewn in place. THe apron is a rectangle of fabric gathered ar the top with a line of trim sewn across the bottom section.
   I made the bonnet from a circle of fabric gathered around the edge . I attached a rectangular brim with a ruffle around the edge and then added ties at the side.
   I researched photos of authentic munchkin hats from the Wizard of Oz movie. The were all made with felt flowers so I made mine to look like the ones in the archive photos.
    The shoes are sneakers covered with felt and felt flowers sewn to the curled up toe.

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