Mupen64: How to Edit Game Speed

Introduction: Mupen64: How to Edit Game Speed

Today I will be talking about how to edit the game speed in the N64 emulator Mupen64 plus AE.

Step 1: Enter the App and Start Up Your Desired Game.

Make sure your desired game is in the file selection. I will be using Super Mario 64. Hit "Play" and then "Restart".

Step 2: Once the Game Starts, Press the Back Arrow on the Bottom-left of Your Device.A Toolbar Should Come Up.

To change the speed, tap the "game speed" button. The speed should change from 100% to 250%. Your game will be faster (e.g. character runs faster, text generates faster, etc.)

However, to further change the speed, tap the button that looks like 3 dots one on top of another. a small menu will appear. tap on the "game speed" button on the new menu. a bar will appear, allowing you to change the speed from 10%(super slow, not recommended) to 300%(super fast!!!)

I hope this helped you. Have fun playing your N64 game at High or Low speed!

Step 3:

Step 4:

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    7 years ago

    yes. It'll look cool, too!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting. Why would you want to play faster? Just for fun?