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Introduction: Murder Scene Halloween Decor

In this step by step method, you will learn how to make this great
Halloween party décor! It’s really inexpensive, very creepy and super fun to do. The total cost should be less than 10$ and the effect is morbide to death!

For the body, you will need :

· Old clothes and / or old towels or sheets (the fake blood may stain if in contact with the clothes so make sure that you don’t use your favourite white shirt)

· Garbage bags (about 4 large)

· Duct tape

For the fake blood, you will need :

· Cheap clear or golden syrup (I used artificial maple syrup)

· Food coloring (A bottle of red, but also few drops of green and blue)

· Chocolate syrup (optional)

· Corn starch (optional)

You will also need clear plastic canvas (the one that we use to protect the floor when we paint). We found ours at the dollar store. Make sure that you have enough to cover all your bathroom’s walls.

Step 1: The Dead Body

Kill someone. No I’m just kidding. Place clothes on the ground, in the approximate shape of a human body with its arms along its body. It is fun to try to make a replica of your own body. Here we are simulating my boyfriend’s body. For even more realism, add real shoes at the feet of the body.

Step 2: Wrap the Corpse

Wrap the body with garbage bags. I suggest to start by the feet with the first bag and add duct tape as you go. Then, cut the opening of the second bag and place it over the end of the first bag. Continue to add duct tape and bags until the body is covered. Make sure that the head is well defined, this is the part that really makes it look like a human corpse.

Step 3: Prepare the Room

Place the clear plastic canvas on your bathroom’s walls and fix it with tape. Make sure that every wall is covered. Again, you should remove everything that could be stained by the fake blood, a bath rug or fancy white towels by example. If possible, remove the shower curtains. Leave the toilet accessible but you can let people stick their hands behind the plastic to access the toilet paper. Finalize this step by placing the dead body in the bath

Step 4: Make the Blood

  1. In a nonstick pan, heat the whole content of a 375ml bottle of syrup and whisk about 3 to 5 tablespoon of cornstarch. The cornstarch will help to thicken the mixture and make it a little more opaque.
  2. Add a good quantity of red food coloring and one by one, add a few drops of green and blue. Be careful with the green and blue, they can ruin everything if you spill too much of them but if used properly, they will make your blood look a lot more realist.
  3. You can also add some chocolate syrup to make your blood more brownish red. Test the color on a white plate.
  4. Once you obtained the desired color, bring your syrup to a light boil. STAY RIGHT BESIDE THE PAN, DON’T GO AWAY TO DO SOMETHING ELSE or you could end up by having to clean a horrible sticky mess. Turn off the heat from time to time to verify the consistency. The goal is to have a thick enough consistency to stick on the plastic canvas, but still a bit liquid so you can splash it easily. Remember that when it will cool down, it will thicken. You can test it on clear plastic bags and place it vertically to see if it will stay. It should drip a bit, but most of the fake blood should stay in place.

Let your fake blood cool down to room temperature. Yes you can eat it, it is delicious. But make sure to keep enough of it for the project!

Step 5: Free Your Dark Side

Now this is the fun part. Tie your hair if you have long hair and wear clothes that you don’t really care about. Put your hand in the fake blood and splash it on the plastic canvas. Splash some thin jets and mess some parts with your hands to simulate some fighting. HAVE FUN. Seriously, I am not even a horror movie fan, and I really enjoyed this part. Concentrate the blood in the bath area and avoid the over the toilet area. People will not enjoy having their hair stick in the sticky fake blood.

You can use the rest of the fake blood to do whatever you want with it since it’s edible!

Step 6: Surprise People

The final step is to turn off the light and close the door. Let people discover the crime scene by themselves and blench a little bit.

Enjoy their reactions!

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    awesome make sure the guy on the block before yours give the kids giant ice tea so they need your bathroom when they get there lol. love this u got my vote.deeply dark. Check out my ghost rider costume , make sure u see vid of it on fire you'll love it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be highly disturbing to walk in on. I guess that's kind of the point though, right?

    For Halloween or for a pretty sick prank, you've shown some effective techniques! I think you're right about the head of the dummy, that really is the key to making this look real.