Introduction: Mushroom Material Painting Eggs

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I made vegan, Mushroom materials Easter eggs using Ecovative GIY Mushroom Foam materials. These were easy to make and didn't require many specialty tools. Here is what I used:

1. Plastic Easter eggs (I used three different sizes from Walmart)

2. Mixing Bowl

3. Water

4. Flour

5. Sealable container (for growing)

6. Mixing Utensil

7. Oven

Step 1: Fill Egg Forms

I used these little plastic egg forms that are usually used for Easter activities. They were inexpensive and come in bulk quantities. I don't like buying plastic things, so it would be better if you can only buy them once and reuse them.

1. Follow the instructions on the Ecovative GIY bag to grow the material.

2. Make sure the egg forms are clean. Sanitize with rubbing alcohol if they are not.

3. Fill the forms with the GIY material one half at a time. Then snap the two halves together.

4. Grow in the form for 2 days.

Step 2: Finish Growing the Eggs

In this step you remove the partially grown eggs from the forms and place them in a container to grow out the white surface.

1. Remove the eggs from the forms. If they are not intact, leave them in for an extra day or two.

2. Place the eggs in a sealable container. Make sure the eggs are not touching each other or you will not get a uniform white surface.

Step 3: Dry the Eggs

In this step the eggs are dried in an oven and ready to use.

1. Let the eggs grow for two additional days in the sealed container.

2. Remove the eggs and dry them in the oven at 180 F for two hours or until dry.

Step 4: Paint the Eggs

Now paint the eggs with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint!