Mushroom Light

Introduction: Mushroom Light

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Step 1: Tools and Code

Arduino board

pressure sensor


scrap wood


hot glue

electricity tape


water paint


Step 2: Start Your Work!

First, connect your wires to make it the same from the picture.

after connecting the wires we will start making the stems of the mushroom and the head of the mushroom, you will need silicone and watercolor paint the color depends on which kind of mushroom you want to make. I want to make a white mushroom so I used white paint. I squeeze the silicone on a plastic bag, then I put some white paint on the silicone and I stirred them together. Then you need a plastic wrap to close that up, and then take a tennis ball and put it in the plastic wrap but don’t put it with the silicone, isolate them with the plastic wrap. Then you squeeze the silicone to the shape off the ball and then hang it up on the wall and wait till it to dry. Where do you need to put your pressure sensors and connect them onto the wire and you need to glue the hard wires into the pressure sensor to make sure the wire doesn’t conduct electricity. For the stem, you will put the wires on top of a plastic wrap and then use the colored silicone and put it on the wire, then fold over the plastic wrap and then create the shape of the stem. Wait for them to dry. Now start preparing for the wood. You need to find a piece of wood that you’re gonna put the mushroom on and then you need to drill a hole through it. After the stem is dry, The wires from the stem will go through the whole and then connect your breadboard. Finish.

this project was inspired by by

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