Mushroom Packaging

Introduction: Mushroom Packaging

Mycelium is a fast growing vegetative part of a fungus which is a safe, inert, renewable natural and green material which grows in a mass of branched fibers attaching to the medium on which it is growing and can be originated from mainly biological wastes and agricultural wastes.

Step 1: Collect Information

First you collect information from the internet.

Then known some knowledge about growing mushroom in pratical field.

Watch some ecovative videos

Then go for the process below...

Step 2: Collect the Waste

The first thing you have to do collect the agriculture wastes like (rice husk, paddy straw, sugarcane, corn, etc.)

The waste we are using for our product i.e. rice husk and paddy straw.

Step 3: Clean the Waste

Then you go for the cleaning process.

First you cut the agriculture waste into tiny pieces and then you wash it with warm water and then put some plenty water and let them soak for 12-15 hours.

Step 4: Dry the Waste

Then you go for drying process.

After the soaking process is over you go for drying process.

Put out the material from the water and let them dry for some hours but you have to check there will be some moisture are present in it which is feel in our palm, when we touch. Then only you can use

Note:- not much water contain only moisture contain.

Step 5: Design the Framework

Then you have to collect or design some framework which can be reusable and gives good shape like (plastic

tays, wood box, polystrene).

For our product we are using plastic trays which final output is showing on the top.

Step 6: Connect With Mushroom

Then you cut the mushroom root part in a small piece and put it on the tray by layer by layer in a peripheral way with the agricultural wastes.


We can use mushroom spawn and put in the tray by layer by layer in a peripheral way with the agricultural wastes.

we have tried both but you have to ensure first for which material, which type of mushroom is perfect.

For my view paddy straw or husk, oyestor mushroom is best.

Note:- The tighter it's packed the smoother the final product will be.

Step 7: Seal It Up

Then seal it up with black polythene and put some holes on this polythene for oxygen.

Note:- Packed it tightly

Note :- you can use some substrate for better finishing after the mycellium grown. substrate i.e. flour.

Step 8: Let It Grow

For growing mycellium you need a dark room at room temperature.

Placed your product on that room for 10-12 days after that open the polythene and then placed it for a week for complete growth.

Note:- If you start to see green or black spots, your substrate has become contaminated with bacteria and should probably be composted.

Note:- Don't let be for more growth otherwise it start fruiting.

Step 9: Remove the Frame

After completely grown of mycellium remove the frame.

Now you got the final product.

Then you have to go for heating process, otherwise the mycellium will grow further.

Step 10: Bake Your Product

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees and bake your model for 45 minutes. This will effectively kill the mycelium and prevent any further growth. It will also dry out your model create a sturdy final product.

we have not gone through heating process after we complete our heating process i will update on this.

Now we are making some myco-products like pen-stand and myco-product packing solution. This one will be update after completing.

Step 11: Some Basic Information

The spawn should be in white colour otherwise you will get to known it has expired.

Not much water content otherwise it decomposed.

Don't disturb after placed in the dark room. just check within a 30 sec.

Spray some water in that room to reduce temperature.


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