Introduction: Music Controlled Lights

This is an RGB led strip that is controlled by the Frequencies of music. This has done before but I believe this is the most successful version I have seen. This is done by using an Arduino and the spectrum shield. the basic idea is the shield splits the music into & different bands of frequency and than is analyzed by the code. once analyzed the lights know what color to display and how bright.

Step 1: Gather Parts

Arduino uno

3 MOSFET transistors

3 10k resistors


12v dc power supply

RGB light strip

Spectrum shield

2 1/8 inch aux cords

Step 2: Wire and Solder on Shield

Here is the schematic

Step 3: Write Code

The code will be publicly available after the contest. Much of it is up to how you want the lights to act.

Step 4: Step Up

Plug everything in and have fun!

Here is a video of my lights in my room to see what you will be building.

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