Introduction: Music Reactive LED Strip

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Music responsive LED Strips are extraordinary for lighting ventures. You can make this with Arduino and furthermore without Arduino. Right now, we will talk about how to make Music Reactive LED Strip by utilizing Arduino Programming. The code is a straightforward working procedure is additionally basic. You simply need to comprehend the working rule.

How does the Music receptive LED Strip circuit work?

This is a simple Microcontroller based undertaking. The microcontroller gives a sign to the associated Transistor's Base and it drives an N-Channel MOSFET. Furthermore, this MOSFET drives higher burdens like LED strips.

Presently how about we talk about how the sign is created from the microcontroller. From the start, the Audio sensor's out pin gives a sign. At that point, it is taken through Arduino. In the event that the sign is in a specific cutoff, at that point, just the drove strip will run.

On the off chance that the Condenser mic didn't get a sign, at that point the sensor module doesn't give yield. Thus, right now, the LED strip won't run.

This procedure rehashes again and again.


Step 1:

First of all, you have to realize how to code. Thus, I originally made the code first and made the task in the breadboard there the undertaking worked in this way, I have felt free to make schematics in at that point, I made the PCB and requested it from only just for 2$.

Step 2:

For the segment of the segment, I have gone with UTSOURCE. They are one of the biggest part providers in China. They offer various sorts of parts, for example, Resistors, Capacitors, ICs and numerous different things. You will get selective limits If you request from them. All in all, why you are sitting tight for? Put in your first request from UTSOURCE.

Step 3:

At that point, I assembled all the parts and put all the segments into the PCB Board. What's more, patched all the parts.

Step 4:

Transferred the code through Arduino IDE. At that point, I have associated the 12v force supply and begun the music to see it is working impeccably. You should modify the potentiometer of the Sound Sensor Module for incredible alterations.

Step 5: Schematics of Music Reactive LED Strip:

Download Links for Music responsive LED Strip:

PCB Garber: Download

Arduino Code: Download


On the off chance that you are attempting to interface numerous LEDs, at that point put a warmth sink with the N-Channel Mosfet. Ensure that your capacity supply is sufficient to control up those LED Strips

You can likewise make the circuit on the breadboard yet ensure that all the associations are incredible else you may harm the Arduino Nano.