Introduction: Music Reactive or Sound Activated LED Strip Lights

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a Music reactive or Sound activated LED strip lights. You can watch the video which is embedded in this step for construction, parts list, circuit diagram & testing or you can continue reading the post for further details.

Step 1: Parts List

  • 1 * LM324
  • 1 * BD139
  • 2 * 1N4007
  • 2 * 5.7k Ohm
  • 2 * 10k Ohm
  • 2 * 90k Ohm
  • 1 * 5k Pot
  • 1* 120 Ohm
  • 1 * 2 way switch
  • 1 * LED Strip light
  • 1 * 12v LED Driver adapter
  • 2 * 3.5mm Female Audio Jack
  • 1 * Linear Pot Knob
  • 1 * DC Socket
  • 1 * 14 Pin IC socket
  • 1 * 2 Pin Terminal Block

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Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Other Details

Please Note: there is a little error in the circuit diagram shared. Please connect the Anode (+) of the LED to the 12 volt & Cathode (-) of the LED to the two way switch.

For construction of this project we are using LM324 which is an Quadruple Operational Amplifier. In our case, out of 4 we are using only 2. The LM324 is arranged to be an comparator.

The 2 way switch is used to select the modes. There are two modes

  • Light Mode : this is the normal mode. directly connected
  • Audio Mode: in this mode the LED light reacts according to the music or sound

The pot is used to select the brightness of the LED Strip when it is in Audio Mode. The pot is optional.

Note : in my circuit i have connected R1 with 90k & 10k in series to make it 100k ohm.

For testing of the circuit please watch the video embedded in the initial step or CLICK HERE

Thank You for reading & watching

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