Introduction: Music Sensor

About: youtube diy creator for now Haha

There is no better components than LEDs

So in this project i just made a Music Sensor that dances with the SOUND !!


Make sure you get the components before you start

PS : they are extremely cheap !!!

lm324 op amplifier :

resistors :

leds :

boost converter :

potentiometer :

circuit terminal :

transistors bc547 :

Step 1: Schematics

you can do any word you want in the PANEL

you can even write you're name if you want to

but just make sure to calculate resistor values prperly

because current changes with the number of diodes

schematics :

Step 2: Solder the LEDS

solder all the leds in parallel and always check if there's a short circuit

Step 3: Solder the Components

follow the schematics above carefully and design your own board

Step 4: Add the Amplifier Stage

this stage is necessary because the signals coming out of your phone or whatever your playing music with

is so low that it dosen't trigger the comparators

Step 5: Enjoy Your Project

make sure to check all the voltages and pay close attention to short circuit before trying you project

then plug it in and enjoy