Introduction: Music Synced LED Lamp (using Arduino and Sound Sensor)

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The Music Synced LED Lamp blinks the LEDs according to the beats of the music.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Arduino Board

2. Different colour LEDs

3. Sound Sensor

4. Breadboard

5. Resistors (100 ohm, 220 ohm)

6. Connecting wires

7. Butter paper

Step 2: Make the Following Connections

  1. Connect LEDs onto breadboard.
  2. The Negative of LEDs should be grounded using the 100 ohm or 220 ohm resistors
    (Negatife of LED -> Resistor -> GND)
  3. The Positive of LED should be connected to the digital pins of the Arduino board.
  4. Connect Ground of breadboard to GND on Arduino board.

Sound Sensor connections:

  1. GND pin of Sound Sensor to GND pin on Arduino board.
  2. VCC pin of Sound Sensor to VCC pin on Arduino board.
  3. OUT pin of Sound Sensor to digital pin 2 on Arduino board.

Step 3: Upload the Code Onto Arduino Board

Step 4: Video Demonstration

Play the Music and enjoy the Music Synced LED Lamp.