Introduction: Music Video

In animation class I made a video with music lyrics  I didn't think it would turn out good but it did. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I hope you guys like my instructable and the movie. The next few steps will tell you how I did my movie and why I did it. I worked really hard on the movie to get it perfect  and line up the music with the animation. I tried my best and I got it pretty close. There are just  some that are a little bit far away and some are in the right  spot. It takes a lot of class time to work on it. We get 2 periods a day to work on our animations and it took me at least 2 weeks to complete this. I really loved making it i hope you guys enjoy it .

Step 1: Materials

The materials that I used:
  1. Stop motion pro 
  2. Adobe Premiere
  3. White board 
  4. White board markers 
  5. Camera 
  6. Song from you tube 

Step 2: The Making of the Animation

The making of the animation is where you think of a idea that you want to do and you animate it. I used a program called stop motion pro. It lets you take a picture when you want it to and  then when the pictures are done it makes a video and when your  done doing your animation part  you can import it into Adobe premiere and start the editing. You can make things go faster or slower. You can also add in slides to make it look cool. I added  in slides and made some of the animation slower than other parts so that it would fit with the song . The song I chose to do was 'too little too late' by Jojo. The reason why I chose this song was because there is a lot of brake-ups happening in school. There are more in  the high schools than in the public schools and I have  been through it, so I thought it would be cool to make a video on this 

Step 3: Inspiration Fo My Animation

The reason I chose to make this is because I really like this song and a lot of people are going through rough break ups. I ran out of ideas so I thought I would make a music video for my favorite song. Everyone likes watching music videos so why not make my own. Mine has the lyrics and a little video. I also made this because I thought  it would be interesting to do something different than the other instructables that I have done. This one took a really long time to do but when it finally got done it was worth it because it turned out pretty good.

Step 4: How to Import

 To import something you have to go to file and hit import .You need to import your things that your using to make your video .You can import your animation the music or sound effects that you are using to make your video . I used a song to add in my video I matched the song with my video

Step 5: How to Make a Title

tto make a title click on title at the top of your screen. Then click on new title and pick what ever one you wanna use. You can use a default still or a roll. Rolls are typically used for credits. For the title that I made I used  the first one. After you click that it will come up with a screen that you can pick a color and different ways the writing looks .You can pick what ever one you want .Then in the blank space it has left you can then type what  ever you want your title to say. When you're done you can then put them in your video where ever you want the titles to be .

Step 6: Slides

You can add a bunch of slides on your video to make it look coo.l There are all kinds of different  slides you can pick from that you can put in between parts of your video.

Step 7: The Movie

hope you enjoyed the video