Introduction: Musical Flowers

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I did a digital manipulation of a photo a few years ago. It was a rose with musical notes on the petals. When my teacher in my 3-D Visual Studies class had us do a paper project I knew exactly what I wanted to do, construct a rose out of music sheets.

All I used was some music sheets I got from a piano book at the thrift store, tape and scissors.

I did not use a template for the petals, they are different just like in nature.

Start by deciding what size and shapes you want to use. I made the center about 2 inches long and started the first inner petals at 2 1/2 inches. The outer petals are about 4 inches long. I used a basic strip and tuned it into a tight funnel, larger at one end than the other tape the smaller end so it keeps it shape. The smaller end in the bottom of the bud. Add your first petal buy wrapping the bottom of the petal around your center. Tape in place.Keep adding petals making sure you do not place them right in the same spot. Preferably add them to direct opposite sides but staggering them a little.

When I started I had not planned on doing the stems but decided to later on. All the stems are long strips and constructed the same as the center of the rose bud. If desired you can make leaves and torns.
thorns are simple triangles and you take the scissors and bed then a little, tape in place on stem. The leaves are basically the same as petals just make them narrower and bend them as desired.
With most of the rose buds I attached to the large opening in the stems and taped around the outside, it is surprising how invisible the tape really is when applied to the music notes.

Be careful when you bend the paper, if it is at all like the paper I had(very old book of music) It will rip easy.

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