Introduction: Musical Gift Box Using Arduino Nano and Smartphone

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A writer once fell in love with an engineer and realized she’s the one he’d been waiting all his life. But he wanted to make the moment of ‘popping the question’ a memorable one. So, he looked for innovative ways here and there and everywhere when he came across our DIY surprise gift box using a Smartphone and decided this was it; perfect for an engineer like her. And then they lived happily ever after!

The End.

Want your ‘popping the question’ moment to be as unique and memorable as theirs? Then come aboard and make this project with us! ;)

Step 1: Components Required


  • evive or Arduino Nano
  • HC05 Bluetooth Module
  • Breadboard
  • IR Sensor
  • Jumper Cables


Step 2: Decorating the Gift Box

Before assembling the circuit, let's first decorate the gift box.

I took a cardboard box and have wrapped it around the box.

You can decorate the box the way you want.

Once done keep the box aside.

Step 3: Making the Connections

Take Arduino Nano, a breadboard, an IR Sensor and some Jumper Cables.

Make the connections as given:

IR sensor:

  • OUT: digital pin 2 of nano
  • VCC: 5V of nano
  • GND: GND of nano


  • 5V: 5V of nano
  • GND: GND of nano
  • Rx: Digital pin 4 of nano
  • Tx: Digital pin 5 of nano


  • Positive: VIN of nano
  • Negative: GND of nano

Step 4: Uploading the Code to Arduino Nano

Upload the following Arduino Coe to Arduino Nano:

Step 5: Hiding the Circuit in the Box

Take the circuit and place it inside the box.

Once done, record the message you want to convey or select the music or tone you want to play.

Open Dabble App and connect it Arduino Nano. Finally, open the Music Module of the app.

Place the Smartphone into the box along with the circuit, and cover it using the same wrapping paper.

Place the gift above the paper. And you are ready to go.

Step 6: Working

The purpose of the box is to surprise the recipient when they open the box. The surprise can be both loving or it can be a prank.

All you have to do is record a message on your phone or download your favorite song. Write the code as shown. Pair Dabble with the Bluetooth Module. Select the Music Module.

When the IR sensor triggers HIGH, it will send a command via Bluetooth to play the music or the pre-recorded message selected by you.

Step 7: Conclusion

With this, your DIY surprise gift box using a Smartphone is ready! Go out there and put a smile on your loved one’s face!

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