Introduction: Musical Light (CD Lamp)

Musical Light is a lamp made of CDs and other materials that you can use to light up your life! Here is one of many ways to make a CD lamp.


- A variety of CDs/DVDs

- Wood boards(optional)

- Clip On Socket and Switch Set

- Clear T6 bulbs with Candelabra Base

- Double Sided Tape

- Wood Glue

- Contact Cement

- Hot Glue Gun

- 1/2 inch Flush Shank Router Bit

- Table Router

- Table Saw

- Drill

- 1/8 inch Drill Bit

- 1 inch Speedbor

- 1/4 inch Shank Roundover Router Bit

- 1/4 inch Straight Router Bit

- 1 inch Hole Saw

Step 1: Step 1. Make the Base

- Get 4 each 1 inch by 8 inch by 6 inch (however many you want would work)

- Create a template out of a quarter inch thick plywood(5 1/2 inches in diameter) (you can use one of the CDs for sizing)

- Use double sided tape to attach the template to each board

- Have a router table with the template router bit

- Use to trim the outer edge of the board into disk shape

- Repeat that 3 more times

- Remove the template from the boards

- Change the router bit to a 1/4 inch router bit

- Use the 1/4 inch router bit to round the edges of the boards

- Glue all 4 boards on top of eachother using wood glue

- Use 1 inch speedbor and drill a hole through the center of the board pile

- Use 1/4 inch straight router bit to cut a slot on the 4th board(quarter inch deep) from the center of the bottom onto the edge

- apply a finish of your choice(optional)

Step 2: Step 2. Get CDs Ready

- Get all of the CDs/DVDs in the order you would like them to be.

- Put a rod in the middle of all the CDs/DVDs to hold them together in place.

- Use contact cement/hot glue gun between each CD/DVD to stick them together.

- Put pressure on the CDs/DVDs and let them dry

- Use a 1 inch hole saw to drill through the center of the CD stack

Step 3: Step 3. Put It All Together

- Push up the clip on socket through the base until it was flush with the wooden base

- Use hot glue gun to glue electrical cord to the bottom of the base

- Instal the bulb in the socket

- Use hot glue gun again to glue that stack of CDs/DVDs to the base

- Enjoy!