Introduction: Musical-Themed Chocolate Gift

This is the perfect gift for your musical friends, music students, music teachers, or anyone who loves music!

Step 1: What You Need

Here's what you need:

-chocolate bar (I prefer Hershey's Symphony milk chocolate bar. It emphasizes the musical theme.)

-1 page printed sheet music (This can be printed on any color paper you choose. I prefer white or parchment.)

-curling ribbon



Step 2: Wrap the Chocolate Bar

Lay chocolate bar on the back side of sheet music, parallel to the paper.

Fold over one side, and then the other, taping the center.

If you use clear scotch tape, you can barely see it.

Fold and tape each end.

Step 3: Adding Curling Ribbon

Tie package with ribbon. Maybe even add an extra strand of ribbon for a fuller curl.

Use scissors to curl ribbon.

Step 4: Present Finished Gift

Present your musical-themed gift to your friend, student, teacher, or music enthusiast.

Smile! :)


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