Musical Toilet

Introduction: Musical Toilet

This instructable walks you through the steps of creating and installing a unit that will play any audio for up to 20 seconds when a toilet is flushed.  The audio is easily recorded onto the unit using a built in microphone. 

Here is a video of the finished product:

Tools + Supplies:

Radio Shack Recording Module  ($10.99)
Soldering Iron
Copper Wire
Electrical Tape
Duct Tape
Hot Glue Gun
9 Volt Battery
Momentary Switch (Push Button)
Project Box (I used a plastic 16mm film container)
Exacto Knife

Optional but useful

Wire Strippers
Third Hand Soldering Station

Step 1: Extend Play Button

Remove the "Play" button from the center of the circuit board by unbending the little metal ring that holds it in place and removing the rubber button.

Cut two 3ft long pieces of copper wire and strip the ends.

Solder the two wires to the exposed metal terminals of the play button.

Step 2: Cut Off Record Button

(Ignore this step if your additional push button is flat like the record button.)

Cut off the "record" button.  Make sure to leave enough wire on the circuit to be able to attach a new button.

Remove any wire still attached to the button and strip the ends of the wires that are sticking out of the circuit.

Step 3: Solder New Play Button

Solder the flat button to the "play" 3ft long wires.

(Use the button you just cut off in the previous step or use your additional button if you skipped the last step)

Step 4: Solder New Record Button

(If your additional button is flat and you did not cut off the record button you can skip this step)

Solder your additional button to the "record" button wires.  You might want to use your copper wire to extend how far the button can reach.

**At this point you are done with the electronic components.  Your circuit should look like the second picture. 

Step 5: Mount Speaker

Trace your speaker on the outside of the project box.

Cut out a hole along your mark using an Exacto knife.

Glue the speaker into the hole in the project box. (The box will actually amplify the sound)

Step 6: Waterproof Play Button + Finish Project Box

Cover the metal parts of the "play" button with hot glue.  The button will be inside the water tank so you want all the metal to be protected.

Glue the "Record" button and the microphone to the outside of the box for easy recording.

Step 7: Installation

Attach the 9 volt battery and place it inside the unit.

Put duct tape on the back of the project box and stick it on the side or back of the water tank.

Remove the cover to the water tank.

Find the lever device that the float is attached to.

Place the "play" button in the crack where the pivot point for the rod that holds the float is.

Play with the positioning of the button so that it is fully pressed when the toilet is flushed.

Once you find the sweet spot, hot glue the button in place.

Place excess wire leading to the play button inside the project box.

Cover the water tank.

Hold down the record button and speak or play music into the microphone.

Flush the toilet for playback.

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