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Introduction: Mustache on a Stick

Amaze your friends! Bewilder your enemies! Frighten small children and get your neighbor's dog to bark at you!

The Mustache on a Stick (hereafter referred to as the MoaS) is a vital component to any wardrobe, be you fashion model, train conductor, geometry teacher, or international spy. This instructable is created to indoctrinate the non-believer into the way of the 'stache, through a simple cut-and-paste project.

Whip out your MoaS any time you need to give yourself a little boost of confidence, avoid detection by the secret police, or maybe just to catch the eye of that cute girl/boy down at the other end of the bar.

(Let it be known that the first person to mention the phrase "mustache rides" will be beaten senseless with a sock full of pennies. Thank you.)

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this project you will definitely, certainly need:
~A glue stick
~Scotch tape
~A pencil
~Cardboard (it doesn't have to be a recycled mac'n'cheese box, but it's cooler if it is)
~Construction paper in your desired colors
~Two or three sheets of plain white printer paper

For this project you might want:
~A hot glue gun
~Fake fur
~1/4" wooden dowels
~An old toupee (Eeeeew....)

Step 2: Handle, Holder, Stick, Prop, Thingy....

What ever you want to call it. You can make your own if, like me, you decided to do this spur-of-the-moment at nine thirty at night and have no actual sticks. Or if, like me, you don't want to spend money on actual sticks. 

If you forked over fifty cents for a three foot long 1/4" dowel from your local craft store, good for you. Cut it down to ten inch lengths and you can skip this step.

If you didn't, here's how we roll:
1.) Cut a sheet of printer paper into three equal strips lengthwise

2.)With the strip laid lengthwise in front of you, start rolling it as tightly as you can. After a few tries you should get the hang of it, but it's pretty annoying to start out. Just relax and take the time to finagle it into place.

3.) Tape the edge, pulling tautly to secure.

Ta dah! Three sticks for less than a penny. Go you!

Step 3: Sketch Out Your Templates

At this time, you're going to want to sit back and think about what you want your mustache to say about you. Are you sassy, sexy, smart, or classy? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time russling cattle or flipping crepes? Do you want to horrify your mother?

With these parameters in mind, pop open your friendly neighborhood web browser and give the internets a good look. It's very likely that your ideal 'stache is out there, somewhere. You just have to go and find it.

Got it? Good. Take a moment to measure the end location (read: your face) for the rough dimensions of your new facial 'do, and then get to sketching*. Make sure your template is even by folding it in half and cutting around the perimeter, and then try it on your face. Make any adjustments necessary, and you are ready to go.

*If the art thing just isn't for you, there's a handy template of basic forms at the end of this project. No one needs to know.

Step 4: Implementing the Template

1.)Sketch your template onto your construction paper and cut it out.

2.) Glue this construction paper facsimile to the cardboard and cut that out, too.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for however many MoaS' you are making.

Step 5: Attach Stick

The main point I'd like to make about this, otherwise painfully obvious, step, is that it's important to put the holder on an angle to the 'stache in order to keep it out of the way of your lips, food, etc.

Other than that, I think you can figure this one out. Tape or hot glue the holder to the back of the template, and you are golden. Display attractively in a vase, hanging on your wall, or on your face.

Step 6: Appreciate the Brand New You!

Take your mustache out for a walk and strut your stuff, you sexy thing you.

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Mine is grown from own face. Though it may sound dangerous, it keeps my lips warm in the winter.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, you have a great gift, my friend. I strive to help those who lack the ability to grow their own lip-warmer.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    It's good to see someone who cares so much for others and the warmth of they're upper lip.