Introduction: Mustang Pony Coat Rack

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

Well I'm a big Mustang fan, and I wanted to make me a Coat rack, so why not a Mustang Pony coat rack. So in this instructable, I will try and show you how I made my Mustang Pony coat rack. I have also included the video.

You will need the following:

CNC Router, I used the X-Carve CNC

Cad/Cam Program, I used Vectric Aspire

A piece of White Oak 27"x 8 3/4" x 3/4" thick

90* V-Bit

1/4" Endmill Bit

Clear Satin Lacquer

Paint brushes

Minwax Golden Oak Stain

Black craft paint

Sander with 220 grit sand paper

Rustoluem Clear Gloss Finish

Paper Towels or clean rags

Tite-Bond type II glue

Tack rag

Painters tape

3 1/2" long Shaker Pegs

Step 1: Design

I designed the project in Vectric Aspire, but this could be done with several other Cad/Cam programs.

I imported a picture of a Mustang Pony, used the Trace Bitmap tool to trace the Pony image, then added a rectangle with rounded corners to it. Then I adjusted the vectors to what I wanted. Added some circles for the pegs. Added the word Mustang.

Then switched over to the Toolpath side, added some toolpaths and done a preview, when I was satisifed, I then exported the Toolpaths.

Step 2: Carve

I then installed the piece of White Oak into my CNC, and secured it to the table with clamps.

I first used a Keyhole slot cutter to route the Keyhole slots for hanging, flipped the piece over and used a 90* V-Bit for the Mustang and the outline of the project. I then used a 1/4" Endmill to pocket the peg holes, then used the same bit to cut the project out.

Step 3: Paint

I lighted sanded over the Mustang Lettering. Wiped it off with a tack rag. Then brushed a coat of Satin Lacquer as shown in the pictures. Let that dry for about an hour, the I used Black Craft paint for the lettering.

I put a piece of Blue painters tape over the end of the pegs that will be going in the holes.Also used the tape to fasten my pegs to my paint board. Then sprayed a few coats of Black spray paint onto the pegs.

Step 4: Sand

After letting the Craft paint dry overnight, sanded the entire project with 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 5: Stain

After wiping the project with a Tack rag, I stained it with Minwax Golden Oak stain, let the stain set for about 15 minutes then wiped off the excess.

Let dry overnight before continuing.

Step 6: Install Pegs

Take the Blue painters tape off the pegs, put some Titebond glue into the peg holes and insert the pegs.

Be sure and wipe off any excess glue before it drys with a wet rag or paper towel.

Step 7: Clear Coat

Then spray a few coats of Rustoluem Gloss clear, using the directions on the can.

Step 8: Finish

Now after the clear has dried, hang up and enjoy. This can be used as a Coat rack or a Hat rack. I hoped you enjoyed my Instructable, I have entered it into the CNC contest, so please vote if you liked it, Thanks for checking it out.

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