Mustard Man Costume

Introduction: Mustard Man Costume

This will show you how to make a Mustard Man costume from Duck Tape. Yes he is a hero, just check out:

Step 1: Obtain a Lot of Yellow Duck Tape, and Some Silver

You must first go to the store and obtain about 1 large roll of silver Duck Tape, and oh 12-18 (Depending on the size) rolls of Yellow Duck Tape

Step 2: Obtain Clothing Articles That Are About 2 Sizes to Large

You need 1 T-Shirt, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of shoes. Make sure they are about 2 sizes to large, as the Duck Taping will fix this later.

Step 3: Duck Tape the Entirty of Theout Side of the Clothing Artilces With Yellow Duck Tape

Start with the Shirt. Cover it completely in Yellow Duck tape. (Just the outside). Then Cover the Pants, and Shoes. When you cover the gloves, make sure you have them on your hand. This is tricky, but it prevents them from becoming to small to wear.

Step 4: Make the Cape

You will need to make a Square, open frame for the cape. It needs to be slightly larger than the cape. I used a metal bed frame, for mine, and it worked great! Basically the frame needs to be in the shape of the frame, with nothing in the middle. In the picture, the lines represent he frame, and het white is the empty space. Then what you do next is you, will take duck tape and stick it to one end, and string it all the way to the other. Repeat until the empty space is covered. Then flip it over and dot he same thing but run it perpendicular to the original tape. Once completed, take the tape off the frame, and cut the edges sot hey are nice. Attach the cape to the shirt using yellow duck tape, and lots of it.

Step 5: Time to Put That Silver Duck Tape to Use

At this point, you are going to put your Silver (Or grey) to use. On the front of the Shirt, you will cover an square area, of your choice, in the Grey Duck Tape. You will then run strips down the sides of the shirt, like seen in the image. Do the same with the pants, as shown in picture 2. Then Put squares on both shoes, so they meet your expectation. Finally put some Silver Strips on the capes bottom, as seen in picture 3.

Step 6: Make a Mask

Using the yellow duck tape and frame method (From the cape) make a mask for your face. THEN cut ear and nose indentation to your comfort.

Step 7: Add the M

Now you add the Yellow M, using the Yellow Duck Tape to the silver square on the front of the Yellow Shirt.

Step 8: Your Done!

Wear and enjoy! You are done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you happen to get into a fight with Ketchup Man, I'd put money on you to win.

    Yay Duck Tape! Mustard Man can save any bar-b-que or baseball game from the horrors of an empty condiment bottle. Nice job! 12 - 18 rolls of tape? - this costume must weigh quite a lot!

    Fission Chips

    Wow! This is really cool and funny. I like the duck tape idea, because it gives the costume a nice shiny effect. Nice work!