Mutant Eyeball and Stem (or Frog Brain)

Introduction: Mutant Eyeball and Stem (or Frog Brain)

Frog Brains are a quick and easy snack.  They are also delicious. Today I got a big bag of them for one dollar at the local Sproutier.  (photo 1) Delicious and Cheap.  To better appreciate the complexity of the tiny lil' cabbages also known as Brussels Sprouts, they should be prepared and enjoyed in the following manner:

Select one green globe and strip off four or five of the outer dark green leaves.  I find them to be bitter. Then cut a sliver off the stem, to remove the unsightly brown bit, but just a sliver, because we need the stem, and it is super tasty. (photo 2)

HOW TO COOK FOR ULTIMATE DELICIOUSNESS: Roll one pre-prepared sprout in a paper towel and give it a twist.  (photos 3 & 4)  Place in microwave on high for 50 seconds more or less. (average cooking time, a dinky might take 30ish, a honker could take a minute plus)

Let cool as long as you need to. Maybe a minute or two. You have to be able to hold it with your fingers to carefully peel the slightly warm leaves off one at a time, savoring Each individual leaf as you eat your way toward the creamy yellow center.

This is The Great Lost Secret of Brussels Sprouts which is that each sprout is comprised of Layer upon Layer of Flavor, and each leaf is sweeter and more tender than the last as you approach the Brain and the Brain Stem, the tastiest part of the Brussels Sprout, also the weirdest looking part.

When you really can't  delicately peel off another layer without destroying it, you have probably reached the Brain of the Sprout, which is attached to the Brain Stem.  (photo 5)  It should be pretty much yellowish, not green. Might take you longer to get there than you think, keep going until the thing looks absolutely like a shriveled up mutated toad eyeball. Yes, the best part of the sprout indeed.  (photo 6)  I'll eat my little brain with salt.

A few serving suggestions -
Bloody Toad Eyes: a plate full, drizzled w/ tomato sauce
Frog Brain Stew: Toss a few into a bowl of soup
Brains and Stems in White Sauce: and disgustingly so on...

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