Introduction: Mutation Sensation

this is Mickey (as you know) and his country cousin Carlos who were both found in the trash of Barcelona, Spain.

Step 1: Primero

cut off poor little Mickey's smiley face.

Step 2: Segundo

cut off Mickey's country cousin Carlos's poor little crossed eyed head.

Step 3: Tercero

Mutate their bodies together and throw the heads aside for other projects...

Step 4: Final

make some mastery detail work if you feel like it
and walla... you have got yourself a Mutation Sensation made at home
Now you can ask your self what is depleted uranium and how is it being used?
good luck.

Step 5: P.S. How to Sew in 3 Dimension

insert the string and make a knot on one of the two pieces you want to sew together.

Step 6: Sexto

make knot

Step 7: Septimo

pass needle to other object and insert stitching directly across from the out-point of the first piece

Step 8: Octavo

continue making back and forth square-wave pattern stitching... always entering directly across from the out-point of the other side...

Step 9: Noveno

tighten up the stitching from time to time so that it disappears... I occasionally make knots in case the string breaks half-way through. As well, I use a thick string so the object can withstand heavy play...
have fun!

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