Introduction: My 24p WiFi Booster

Hi all, I know that this has been done many times before, but I just thought I'd post it as I bothered to take photos of it :P

It only cost me 24p (UK) per antenna for this project, so it is nice and cheap.

My router is a Tenda model, which already has 2 aerials and a dish and only cost me £25, so I would really recommend it.

Step 1: Materials

Heres what you need:

A Wire Skimmer (for taking food out of pans)
Spare Aerial or stick the same diameter as your aerial

Any other metal strainer/sieve should work to :)

Step 2: Removing the Handle

Just look at how the metal dish is attached to the handle, and either pull it off or unbend the wire (I did that in my case) so you just have the dishes.

Do as many as you need, some routers have 3 or more, so make sure you have enough

Step 3: Attaching to the Aerial

This will depend on how the dish was attached to the handle, in my case, I was able to bend the wire again around the aerial so that it held tight, I also poked the tip of the aerial through the mesh, and it won't slip now.

If there is no wire to attach to, you can either use hot-melt glue to attach the dish, although you can't take it off or reposition it; or you can attach extra wire to the dish (maybe with glue again) and then bend those into shape.

Make sure the aerial do not slip, as reception could drop annoyingly.

Step 4: Finished

Here you go, now that you have it up, go and check your reception, it should change quite a bit hopefully.